Men’s Life Group | Transform Men

September 12 - November 14 2023  |  Online | Google Meet

Date & Time:
September 12, 2023 – November 14, 2023 | Tuesdays Online, 7-9 PM

Google Meet – link TBD

Have you noticed that so many men are stuck in life? Stuck in the mundane and satisfied with mediocrity? Transform is a practical guide for men to get unstuck and win in their lives. Anthony Fleming, lead pastor of Church Alive, guides men to realize their true potential as they grow into the best possible leaders they can be. Through his experience praying over the people in his church, Anthony realized there were four main areas where men got stuck: spiritually, relationally, physically, and financially.

He set out to help men get unstuck in the Big 4 areas of life by inspiring them to take action toward growth and lasting change.

Containing practical steps for implementing routine-shifting and culture-shaping ideas spiritually, physically, relationally, and financially, Transform will challenge you to grow in the areas where you’ve been stuck or apathetic. This manual is not just for inspiration; it is as practical as the sun is hot, and full of ways to help you win every day. Take action, get unstuck, transform, and start winning.

Recommended Book:
Transform: A Practical Guide For Men To Take Action and Get Unstuck
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