Seniors 50+ Life Group | The Purpose Driven Life

September 14 - November 16 2023  |  Vive City Chapel | 15651 NW 6th Ave, Miami, FL 33169

15651 NW 6th Ave, Miami, FL 33169, USA

Date & Time:
September 14, 2023 – November 16, 2023 | Thursdays, 5-7 PM

Vive City Chapel, Dream Room (TBD), 15651 NW 6th Ave, Miami, FL 33169

Here, you will embark on a journey of discovery. In the next forty days, you and your small group will discover together the answer to life’s most fundamental question: “What on earth am I here for?”

The Purpose Driven Life is a guide to a spiritual journey that has transformed millions of lives.

Transform your life. Start your journey today.

Recommended Book:
The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?
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